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POSTED: May 8, 2003

"Low-cost Sustainable Dome Building with Hybrid Adobe"
Our encore hands-on workshop on quickdome construction

WHAT: Weekend number three of our Hands-on Workshop series on how to build a Quickdome using Hybrid Adobe and natural plant-based rebar. Take a look at the photos showing the building process from the earlier weekend workshops.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday May 10 & 11, 2003. 11 AM to 5:00 PM daily. Overnight camping included.

WHERE: Eleusis Community: 920 beautiful, forested acres in Northern California's wine country, near Middletown, CA. About a two hour non-stop drive north from San Francisco. Carpooling can be arranged. Directions

Host: the Eleusis Project
Workshop Leader: Philip Mirkin, Hybrid Adobe Builder & Experimenter

COST: Registration is required for ALL participants. If this is your first Hybrid Adobe workshop, teacher donation requested. Call for details.


CONTACT: email
or call 866-305-1403 and leave a message


Many thanks to the wonderful Eleusis volunteers and all the good folk who came to the land and created community together... There were about 45 people with a common focus, working in harmony at Eleusis last weekend. It is very inspiring. Our friend, Heartlove! has posted some photos of the weekend for you to see our building process.

We had a fun adventure with music and laughter, building community, and building a wonderful dome. The dome is of woven forest beauty (woven manzanita, fir, cypress, pine etc.) partially covered with an eggshell of the first coat of hybrid adobe. We have a skylight and could enclose the dome in two half-days of work with your help. About 10 of us have decided to return this coming weekend to try to enclose it completely. Another 10 would definitely make it happen without anyone working too hard. And it would be more fun, too. We can help with arranging rides up there and all.

So, we are inviting you all to return and help out with finishing the dome this coming weekend. Feel free to show up at any time but please let us know if you can, by Friday night or Saturday before 10 AM, when you plan to come. We need to make plans and Felipe can meet up with you and orient you to the project. If you haven't learned Hybrid Adobe yet, then Felipe is available to show you, and can answer any questions about the material.

It was so much fun sculpting the building with a great group of people, then cooking and creating music together --a very harmonious, fun, and social event while still being productive.
Also some of us will go to Harbin Hotsprings this weekend when not experimenting, playing music and enjoying the 920 acres of beauty. Registration is required. Let me know when you can make it, with an email
or call 866-305-1403 before Friday night or Saturday at 9 AM.

Read down for the description from last weekend's workshop, which also describes this weekend, although there will be less instruction and more hands-on building this weekend.

Learn a revolutionary form of sustainable building that is cheaper and easier to work with than classic adobe, standard framing, cob or strawbale. Join members of Eleusis, a progressively-minded community on their beautiful 920-acre forested home (and river) as we build an experimental Quick Dome project. Overnight camping is included.

Hybrid Adobe blends natural and reusable materials to create a strong, non-toxic material that can be worked like cob or concrete. Hybrid Adobe blends include local clay, pulped paper for strength, sand and a binder such as Portland Cement. When dry, Hybrid Adobe is lightweight, flame-proof and easy to cut with a saw. These unique properties make it a highly creative material to work with.

This fun workshop gets your hands in the mud, plastering the material onto a dome project, creating experimental panels, and sampling procedures. You'll also learn tried and true methods of pouring lightweight blocks and insulation panels. Learn ways to make sculptures, mosaics, and garden features. Low-cost, simple procedures empower you to do the work yourself.

You'll learn how to construct an insulated building shell and how to easily remodel existing buildings rendering them flame-proof and better insulated (reducing utility bills). Resource recycling and small business opportunities will also be discussed.

Over 100 buildings have already been built from fibercrete or Hybrid Adobe. Some simple structures (such as dome shells without plumbing) have cost under $1.00 per square foot to build.

Ready applications include conventional homes, add-ons, remodels, domes, garden walls, sculptures, and sheds. Also covered: making a simple mixer, alternative building designs, basic permit info and more.

Please register early as the workshop is already filling up.


Phone: 866-305-1403


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