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The Hybrid Adobe Handbook

This is Our Book on Hybrid Adobe. It Explains Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With This Revolutionary Building Material

The book cover.

Title: The Hybrid Adobe Handbook: The Hands-on Guide for Sculpting and Building with Hybrid Adobe

Authors: Philip Mirkin and Hazlitt Krog

Publisher: Soaring Hill Press

Format: Paperback

Description: A revolution is taking place in natural building. Green builders far-and-wide are combining age-old earthen styles of building with new technologies and techniques. These experimentations have spawned hybrid materials such as fibercrete, fidobe, and now Hybrid Adobe. The authors’ development of Hybrid Adobe and experiments with related materials, coupled with the brainstorming that has come out of our hands-on workshops has inspired new techniques of building. These methods are suitable for the average person who has little building experience, limited funds and tools, and isn't as strong as a trades-person. A key advantage of working with Hybrid Adobe is that blocks of the finished material are significantly lighter than traditional adobe. The process of making the material and building with it is so simple that nearly anyone including elders and children can learn to build sustainable homes. A major part of the authors' motivation in offering workshops and writing this book is to spread these simple, low-cost, low-tech methods to people who are normally prohibited either financially or physically from building their own shelter. Since Hybrid Adobe is so easy and inexpensive, it is perfect for do-it-yourself homebuilders or communities working together to complete a series of buildings. An organized person working alone could build a small building, such as a cottage, in less than a month. Hybrid Adobe's combination of moderate thermal mass and high insulation value provide superior interior temperature control over traditional adobe. Hybrid Adobe buildings are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Chapters include: - What is Hybrid Adobe - Building With Earth - Ingredients and Options - Recipe Basics - Sample Project - 23 photographs.

Page Count: 52


Trim: 4 x 200 x 254 mm (0.15 x 10.00 x 8.00 inches)

Ages: Adult

Category: Architecture / Construction / Home Improvement / Sculpture

Edition: 2nd edition, 1st printing

Publication Date: May 2004

Price: $20.00 US / $30.00 CAN

A new printing is coming soon from the publisher Soaring Hill Press.

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