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POSTED: May 15, 2002


Events Held: June 7-9, 2002; Friday 6:30 PM through Sunday evening (one- to three-day programs available)

Contact: or

Eugene, Oregon -- Learn how to build your own "green home" for under $2000 at a seminar and hands-on workshop at Lost Valley Educational Center in the beautiful mountains of West Central Oregon, one half hour east of Eugene.

This combined seminar and hands-on workshop will teach you most everything you need to know about working with these revolutionary building techniques including how to make your own lightweight adobe blocks and constructing your home from foundation to finish coat.

These homes use waste materials such as newspapers for fibrous strength with bonding agents, medicinal fibers (like sage) and earth to build beautiful homes at very low cost. These homes are structural, low-labor, and highly insulative while sensibly re-using forest products.

This fun workshop will get your hands in the mud, pouring lightweight adobe blocks and walls, working it like cob into creative structures, sculptures and buildings. Included are delicious vegetarian meals and simple overnight lodging at one of the most progressive intentional communities and learning centers in the West. Please join us.

For more information on the building process, feature articles or reviews, please send inquiries directly to: or view the our web site: www.etribe.com/4adventure. Please note that we will also have a hands-on workshop in Joshua Tree, CA on June 1st.

Weekend Topics include: Creative applications with Hybrid Adobe: sculpture, furniture, guesthouses, domes and lodges, garden walls, garden pots, raised beds. Learn about hybridized strawbale buildings and Native American shelter styles. By the end of the weekend you will be able to build or remodel your own home with Hybrid Adobe.


Programs are sliding scale based on income. Early registrations can book at $175 to $275 for the entire weekend including food, lodging and instruction. DAY RATES ARE AVAILABLE from $25 to $75! There are a limited number of spaces for the workshop, so please book early to secure low-income and advance booking prices. Past seminars in California and Colorado have booked up.

For more information on discounts and pricing please contact: or . You can call Barbara at 541-937-3351, Ext. 113 or Philip at 866-305-1403

Workshop Leader Philip Mirkin has led seminars since 1986 on Native American Culture and architecture and hybrid adobe construction, and has published two books.

Lost Valley is located near Eugene, Oregon about 2 hours south of Portland. For help with arranging transport anywhere in the country to Eugene, Philip Mirkin will gladly assist. Please email him at . Call Barbara at 541-937-3351 if you are having trouble arranging transportation from Eugene, Oregon to Lost Valley.


For Seminar and Workshop Information and Registration contact:
Phone: 866-305-1403
(After 4/22 one can also call: 415-776-9800)
View Philip Mirkin's web site with Hybrid Adobe construction photos:


The seminar will be taught by builder Philip Mirkin. A UCLA graduate, Mirkin has led dozens of seminars in ancestral Puebloan architecture and hybrid adobe construction, and has published two books. He has remodeled many buildings and is currently building his own home of hybrid adobe and hybrid adobe-covered strawbale. As Director of Avant Garde Travel (since 1986), Philip Mirkin has led adventure trips to ancient Puebloan sites in the Southwest as well as dozens of humanitarian aid relief expeditions. Recent reviews and feature articles obtained on request.

Work exchange and scholarships are available. Space is limited and past seminars have filled. Secure a spot by sending a check or money order payable to "Philip Mirkin" and send c/o Thompson, 1909 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, CA 94115. A portion of event proceeds will fund free building seminars in developing nations.

For more information: call 866-305-1403; from April 21st to the 30th call Philip at 415-776-9800; email any time to

Web site: http://www.hybridadobe.com/


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